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When is the best time to plant new trees?


We will always recommend a dormant planting. So when the tree is sleeping it offer the opportunity to minimize the stress the plant is going to endure. I prefer the spring simply because the extra moisture in the sound help the success of the transplant.  So to summarize it all up, from the time the frost in the ground melts until mid April.  

This all being said, as long as the plant receives some tender loving care it can be done throughout the growing season. If possible you should try to avoid the hot dry months like July and August.

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My lawn is much more of a yellow colour then the neighbour's, is there anything I can do?


It sounds like you might have a nitrogen deficiency.

There is a couple of environmental things to consider.

Are you using fertilizer? If not start. There is a program outlined on our website you can follow. At the minimum please do at least 3 applications.

Are you in a new subdivision? If so, the soil used by most builders in this area does not have a lot of natural food for your grass. This being the case start a heavy fertilizer program with organic fertilizers. The organic part of the fertilizer will put in micro organisms that are lacking do to the inert soil used. 

All of this advice above is under the assumption that you are watering at least three times a week and more in the dry months of the summer. Please water. Sometimes this procedure alone will help. 


What is the best way to get rid of weeds in my lawn?


The Ontario Provincial Government has banned the used of pesticides for cosmetic purposes so that leaves us with the organic versions of these products. Some of these products have successfully killed weeds, the main issue I see is that they tend to be no selective in the plants they affect, meaning they can kill the grass you are trying to keep. I always recommend that you physically remove any unwanted plants and drop a little grass seed in the empty are to establish new grass before new weeds can get in. This practice along with a regimented water and fertilizer program and you will find it hard to find the weeds in not time at all. 

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